jany shoo!

According to KC:

Thenny Thoo: “the arbiter of [Thennyism]… a popular lingusitic form of sarcasm and humor that pervades through young america, hipsters, and crackhead circles…”




  1. I am not a panda.
  2. I’m thinking about taking my eating escapades called gastroporn public, especially since I really do dream about food.
  3. Tattoos are beautiful, but I can’t ever decide what or where.
  4. Something about Adobe gets me immensely excited.
  5. In order to understand the ever-changing subject of “marketing,” I need, and want, to learn about all the tangential topics.  That’s why I obsess over design, arts, advertising, PR, social media, business strategy, internal communications, logistics and pretty much every topic that interacts with a marketing team.  (It’s also one of the reasons this blog is so broad.)
  6. At some point in my life, I studied ballet, traditional Chinese dances, piano and upright bass with performances at Jones Hall in Houston and Carnegie Hall in New York.
  7. There’s always a huge collection of hot sauce @ my apartment, including Tobasco, Sriracha (ze cock sauce), Frank’s Red Hot, Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce, Tapatia, cajun hot sauce and about 2 lbs of dried chili peppers.
  8. I love stand-up comics and listen to them every night to fall asleep. My spotify is filled with stand up listens.
  9. My lips aren’t symmetrical.
  10. My iPhone got jacked by an 8 year old. Yeah.  It happened.

3 responses to “jany shoo!

  1. Kat

    Your writing is definitely entertaining! I stumbled upon your blog by accident looking up fiction tags (by the way love your fiction). Check out my work in progress if you get a chance.

  2. Thaddy

    I read and read and my eyes bleed but its still not enough. I need more Jany blog content! (And perhaps a change in color scheme that eye bleedin isn’t normal I need to see my doctor..lawsuit)

  3. i like your style – keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

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