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Alcohol is My Friend

Perhaps that statement isn’t quite so true, but with all the activities during TechCrunch50, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference.

I have to admit I really need to start bringing my Canon Powershot (and beg for a Nikon SDR for Christmas – I’ve been really goood this year!).  The one above is taken via my iPhone early on during the Seesmic Anniversary Party (Happy Anniversary!!!) before it got too dark and crowded.


The Itinerary:

9/8 TC50 Day 1: completely oblivious that it actually started today.  Opted out of going to MySpace party, which I heard was a blast.

9/9 TC50 Day 2: drinks @ the Chi.mp/Mars Bar hang out by the conference center.  Totally chill and a nice way to ease into the craze.  Didn’t make it to Temple cuz, let’s admit it, I’m a granma and it’s a school night.

9/10 TC50 Day 3: get up at the crack ass and haul over to the Rubicon Project/Powerset Rehab party.  Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s at 8 a.m.?  Can you say “hollerrrr?”

[picture via Flickr and NickStarr (thanks!)]

I also picked up a nice ‘swag bag’ filled with Skyy vodka, Gatorade, dissolvable Tums (eww?), breakfast bars, t-shirts and a “I’ve completed the hangover course @ TCRehab” certificate.  My favorites are the RP and Powerset t-shirts.  Gotta love that soft cottoned American Apparel.

[via Flickr and the official_powerset stream (thanks!)]

I <3 Kevin in that picture!! :-)


[via Flickr and Cirne (thanks!)]

Jump to evening.  Seesmic party at 330Ritch.  (Seriously, I need to start wearing make-up.  So many random guys have flirted with me over the last few days.  Apparently, 5 mins of powder makes me a whole new person.)  Skip over to the bar, grab some salmon tartar and a dirty Grey Goose martini.  The food, except patte (ick), was delicious as was the company.

9/11Post TC50: McGriddles.


All in all, a fun few days.  Met some cool dudes et dudettes.  Learned that I need to 1) stop ducking away from cameras and 2) bring one.

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Sh*t I Like 6.08

Welcome to another episode of ish I like. I’ve been keeping track of them as they pop in on my Google Reader, and here are some of my faves!

Cute typography and branding. I have no idea how the drink tastes or how much it costs, but as a sucker for packaging, I’d definitely try it.


This is very Escher and highly useful, especially for someone like me, who has an abundance of lil trinkets and jewelry with absolutely no place to put it.


This “floating staircase” was designed by Jordi Vayreda of Jordivayreda Projectteam (Spain). I’d my scared that my 400lb baby mantinee body will cause structural damage, especially to whoever is sitting at the desk below. But apparently the guard-rails are made of the same invisible material as the risers and it’s metal parts are stuck deep into the wall.


Great for me, since im obsessed with poo :) not the actually thing… the word. Besides, it’s high time someone redesigned that ugly tape dispenser.


This sofa looks so comfortable and like the perfect center piece for a hang out spot in the living room. I’d get it for my bed @ my parent’s new house, but definitely not in purple. To be daring, maybe I’ll try it in a metallic bronze or something.


A grass bed. It actually looks really comfortable, except maybe more cushion and less grass… and less… odd…


Not to sound like a complete alcoholic, but vodka is great… Vodka that could be kept neatly and in line is just effing amazing. I hope they have mini “flask” versions too! … okay, now I’m starting to sound like an alcoholic.


When I first read about it on Gizmodo earlier, I thought this was the dumbest thing ever. I mean seriously, a GPS for your kid? Are you that busy/distracted that you can’t freakin’ hold his/her hand? Why don’t you just get him a leash (yes, they have kid leashes) and call it a day? However, this watch is pretty useful, if you’re going to a carnival or fair or want to keep track of errant boyfriends. (teeehehehehe)


I just saw this yesterday. It’s so very much too edgy for me; as much as I’m a modernist, I still have a traditional vein running through my body (it’s from the parents; I try to disassociate as much as possible). BUT I’d love to buy this for a friend or just enjoy it at a tea party. My favorite are the plates. They seem so nonsensical, yet functional.


Zat is eet for now. I will keep digging up cute lil design treasures for the July post! :) Chau!

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