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Six Course Delight

The first quarter of my MBA has officially ended, and I decided to celebrate my treating myself to a super-expensive meal at Austin’s Uchi.  There’s only one time in my life that I remember being busier than I am now, and with the second quarter starting tomorrow, the six-courses culminated a weekend all about fun and relaxation.

Uchi makes food that literally explodes in your mouth.  The yellowtail tun sashimi has the richness of the tuna mixed with a tart lemon, oil, soy sauce and sweet mandarin slices to balance out the flavor.  The serrano peppers on top give just a hint of a kick, and the sprouts and roe add texture to a mouthful of delicious fish. There’s something sweet about the miso infused rice platter with egg yolk seared in a melt pot.  The pork belly fatty and amazing, although I couldn’t finish for the sheer amount of food.  And dessert tied up the meal in a lovely nutty, tart bow.

But more than just a great meal, I experienced 2.5 blissful hours away from MBA, friends, and stress.  I took the time to savor every bite and experience the plates of art that are clearly made by masterful chefs with a passion for serving an experiment in food.  With little exaggeration, tonight’s meal was performance art and as soul-fulfilling to eat as going to the Austin Museum of Art (still on my to-do list).

I added more pictures below.  Definitely worth a visit.  Make reservations and plan on spending about $60 (or if you’re me, twice that).  I left out one course because it tasted too good for me to remember to take pictures. :)

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