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Life at Disney

Dude, I have been so seriously busy lately. and I feel like I haven’t necessarily gotten results yet.  I’m just working to make sure that when I do get news, it’ll be “Jany, you freakin’ rock.”  In the interim, I noticed I haven’t traveled most of the year.  Besides the brief trip to China in January, I’ve been mostly being a home body.  So a weekend trip to LA and Disneyland?  FUCK YEAH!

Here are pictures and crazy schedule.  There are no words to describe the magic that is Disneyland.  BTW, thanks PK and JH for getting us in for free. :)

Halloween theme! Yay!

Main Street

Paul & Jean on the Jungle Cruise (or something like that)

Ju Hee and Me. Wow I have a big head.

Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted House Thingy

Pixar Toy Story 3-D ride

ice cream vending machine on the way to LA. Seriously, how often do you see these?

it's a Small World. I didn't get to go on cuz the line was ass long... but it's pretty! :)

Yay Mickey Popsicle!

That’s it for now! :)

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Oh, My Eyes!

So many movies coming out, when will I have time to watch it all?!

Movie watching comes in phases for me.  That’s why I choose Blockbuster over Netflix.  I can’t deal with the pressure of having to watch movies, so I can maximize my monthly subscription… there’s enough guilt over not getting my money’s worth for my 24 Hour Fitness membership (at the current pace, I’m spending about $50/visit).

The summer blockbusters are coming up, there are still a few movies I want to knock off my list before I have to wait for the DVD version.

1. Disney’s Earth

It opens tomorrow.  Following the BBC’s Planet Earth, I want to see more spectacular shots of nature.  The close-ups.  The story line.  And yes, even the fact that they’ll plant a tree for every ticket sold.  Sure, it’s a marketing gimmick, but in this case, I’ll over look that the end justifies the means.


2. The Soloist

This looks so compelling, and having studied the double bass, piano and ballet at a child, I’m totally into music and dance movies.  Unlike Stomp the Yard (exhilarating and full of juicy abs as it is), Jamie and Robert are great actors, who can bring a soulful drama with an underlying root of classical music.


3. Monster’s vs. Aliens

This reminds me of Monster’s Inc.  ‘nough said!


4. Crank: High Voltage

This movie just seems crazy to me.  I went to see the first Crank as a first date at this beautiful, old theater in the South Bay with a huge chandelier.  Crank, itself, reminds me of the male version of The Sweetest Thing.  A bit hectic.  Way the fuck out there.  Seizure inducing.  I’m taking this chance to turn off my brain and taking a shot for every time Jason gets punched.


5. Up

Besides the fact that I love everything Pixar makes (including all the amazing shorts), I’ve been drooling over this movie since they releases a short trailer a year ago just with balloons.  I have no idea what the premise is.  Something about a old guy who’s tired of society and his boy scouts, optimistic boy escape the city life to a wondrous new world in the clouds… or something like that. :-D

Can’t wait!


I may need a stronger contact subscription soon. :)

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