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Oh, I’ll manga you all right.

Last week, something really disturbing happened.  I was online reading my Tumblr dashboard, usually the first place I hear all relevant news, when I came across yet another avatar builder.  So I clicked and built it… didn’t think anything of it and went to bed.

By the very next day, like 4 of my coworkers’ Twitter icons contained their manga avatars.  I mean I’ve seen things pop up overnight, but this is literally over-night.

Yes, congratulations to the company, if they’re able to sell their service/product outside of this fad (sorry but I am NOT paying to have a picture of my avatar printed… it’s not like I walk around with a profile of myself on the right menu bar at all times. – And no, I’m not linking to you either).  But did they just take the exclusivity out of being early adopters?  I mean I was like 12-16 hrs ahead at most.  That really isn’t worth me having to sign up for yet another social media/networking/web2.0 account.


Maybe I should get coffee first.  Then this post might sound happier… whooooo…

FYI… hmmmm.


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