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Life at Disney

Dude, I have been so seriously busy lately. and I feel like I haven’t necessarily gotten results yet.  I’m just working to make sure that when I do get news, it’ll be “Jany, you freakin’ rock.”  In the interim, I noticed I haven’t traveled most of the year.  Besides the brief trip to China in January, I’ve been mostly being a home body.  So a weekend trip to LA and Disneyland?  FUCK YEAH!

Here are pictures and crazy schedule.  There are no words to describe the magic that is Disneyland.  BTW, thanks PK and JH for getting us in for free. :)

Halloween theme! Yay!

Main Street

Paul & Jean on the Jungle Cruise (or something like that)

Ju Hee and Me. Wow I have a big head.

Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted House Thingy

Pixar Toy Story 3-D ride

ice cream vending machine on the way to LA. Seriously, how often do you see these?

it's a Small World. I didn't get to go on cuz the line was ass long... but it's pretty! :)

Yay Mickey Popsicle!

That’s it for now! :)

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