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The Best of My Summer In New York

My summer in New York has been absolutely amazing.  As I’m wrapping up my brand marketing internship, I’m thinking back on the amazing things I got to do (and eat) this summer.  Here are some of my favorites. :)

Best thing about wandering around the City: street art

Best thing about New York summers: street fairs + the fresh watermelon they sell there

Best lazy moment: even the grocery store 2 blocks down will deliver to you at 4 in the morning

Best surprise: friends are always dropping by to visit… in a tie with getting hot sauce in the mail

Best outdoor activity: boating in Central Park

Best out of Manhattan activity: walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO & hanging out for the day

Best view of the City: @Deutsch ad agency near Chelsea Market

Best way to get out of the City: Bolt bus

Best $12 I ever spent: Alexandar McQueen exhibit @the Met

Best way to get to the beach: in a BMW convertible after my intern presentation with one of my best friends from Texas driving. :)

Best nightly activity: hanging out on a stoop with friends watching trendy people walk their dogs


The Food Section!!

Best ramen: Ippudo (10th and 4th Ave. Be ready to wait 30 min to an hour)

Best Caribbean: Boca Chica (1st and 1st. The ropa vieja is the shiznit + the caipirinhas= amazing)

Best roast corn: The green something or other in Chelsea Market

Best ice cream: Magnum (Ok, so it’s a Unilever product & I worked there this summer but I spent my own money buying the addiction-inducing double caramel piece of heaven, and I’d honestly do so even if I didn’t work there.)

Best overall bao: Baohaus (Norfolk + Rivington or 14th and 2nd Ave)

Best pork bao: Momofuku Noodle Bar (10th and 1st Ave but don’t order the ramen. Just get the bao & go to Ippudo for the ramen)

Best Lasagna/pasta: Eataly (23rd and 5th Ave)

Best dessert: Chikalicious (10th and 2nd Ave)

Best soup dumpling (tang bao): Joe Shanghai (Pell by Bowery)

Best brunch place: Gemma (3rd and Bowery)

Best homemade ice cream: Sundaes & Cones (10th & 3rd Ave. Try their strawberry cheesecake + taro scoops. Perfect combo.  Also, there’s corn, wasabi, & black sesame. Hmmmm.)


Out of New York

Best molecular gastronomy place: Marigold BYOB (45th & Larchwood)

Best drive ‘in the country’: Atlantic City Express way

Best random trip: rediscovering Old City Philadelphia with my cousin from Beijing + friend


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