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Feeling the Traffic

I’ve been reading Seth Godin‘s blog religiously.  What I’ve noticed is that he uses everyday experiences to discuss marketing issues.  The analogy helps effectively communicate his ideas, and that small bit of inspiration goes a long way in helping me develop marketing plans.

While speaking with my friend Juicy J last night, I remembered driving through traffic day in and day out during my early days at SHIFT Communications.  Despite the stereotypes of being Asian and female, I think I’m a great driver.  It’s not about how fast I go or even my reaction time.  To me, a great driver sees the traffic around her and is able to predict the types of drivers and anticipate their actions.  For example, I tend to weave through traffic during rush hour because I know that between exits, the right lanes go faster, but right before an exit, I’ll change to the left lanes.  How do I know this?  Well, it makes sense.  As drivers are entering the highway, they tend to move left, so it helps me to make my way right.  But anticipating the next highway entrance, I move left to make way for the cars coming in.

So what?  Being able to see the landscape and predict where it’s going and how to interact with individuals is important.  It’s crucial that we help companies and brands understand and navigate to their destination, but it’s equally important how we get there and how we interact with the people on the way.  In speaking about marketing campaigns, companies and clients are quick to look for ROI.  What’s the metrics on our most recent campaign?  Who’s sign up?  Sometimes, that’s the right way to go.  But sometimes, it’s not.

That’s what I try to bring to the table when I’m talking to my friends or thinking about how to launch Sonewe.  My end goal is to help build a product that people will use everyday.  But that doesn’t mean my teams needs to have 50,000 users on the first day.  Quite the contrary.  We want to get great users who will help us build the product, so that as we’re navigating our way to “start up success,” I know we’re making changes to better serve the space that we’re in, and people along the way are loving us and telling others.

How?  Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.  :-)

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