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Downhill We Go!

Quick update: almost a week after my super binge trip to NYC/Philly, I’ve officially lost all the weight that I gained back on my trip.  So yes, I’m set back a week, but I’m back on track baby!

Oh, and I LOVE the loseit.com iPhone app.  It allows me to add all the food that I’ve eaten, keep track of my weight on a cool chart, and add exercise.  I’m hoping more people use it, so that they can put out an update with more programmed in foods. :-D

[So basically, you select the food you eat by adding food, but some stuff, i.e. Odwalla, isn't included.  You can add it by putting in custom foods and putting in recipes, which calculates your nutrition information.  But it's a lot easier to just search for it.  So I'm hoping they will put out an update soon.   It does remember the custom foods you add, which makes it super easy to add things, i.e. Honest Tea, if you've put it in once.]

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I Cheated…

Per my previous post, I took a mini-vacation over the weekend, and I was baaaadd.

What’s bad?  Let’s just say I didn’t take any pictures of the evidence, a.k.a. I was too busy being mesmerized by the food to have remembered to take photos.

All-you-can-eat sushi, burritos, buckets of food truck food, and of course there was that brunch at Marathon Grill on 40th and Walnut in Philly.  Let’s just say side car + blueberry & honey smoothie + coffee with cream and sugar + eggs Saint Bernard = a very happy, over-eating Jany.

I didn't eat this @ JFK. I just thought it was amusing (and one of the only pictures of food that I took).

So… the damage? +3lbs or 10,500 calories.  Yeah. TEN THOUSAND calories.  (God damn it.)

I’m so glad that I exercised almost 5x a week for an hour before going on this trip b/c I’m sure if I hadn’t, I would have gained even more weight.


Sure, I got a little bit off track.  But I know I can get it all back.  No more crappy foods (including the caramel covered popcorn I couldn’t keep my hands off at work).

My goal for tomorrow and the next week is to eat breakfast. It really does help jump start my metabolism in the morning, and it may mean that I’m less hungry and less likely to eat crappy food later on during the day.  Now, I’m not going to eat a huge bagel with cream cheese like I usually do.  Instead, I’m going to grab some string cheese.  There isn’t too much lean meat at work in the morning, nor am I really going to wake up 30 min. early to make some eggs with lean ham and veggies.  So I’m going to have some string cheese in the morning.

Lunch: Meat the size of my palm.  Carbs of the same size- pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.  They’re not the healthiest carbs, but again, small steps.  Then half a plate of veggies, either steamed or in the form of a salad.

Dinner: Either more salad with 1/2 the portion of the above OR skip it.  It’s a lot easier to just not tempt myself, then go into the all you can eat catered food line at work and try to keep myself from going a little crazy.

Then, definitely gym.


Because I have a pretty aggressive schedule: 1lb every 3 days, I’ll need to cut over 1,000 calories from my diet per day.  I’m hoping this means 500 calories less of food in-take and then 600 calories of exercising.  (I totally thought 600 calories would be a cinch, but it’s actually 1 hour of pretty vigorous exercise.  I mean pretty pissed off and working off some aggression exercise.)


I’m 100% glad that I chose to eat during my vacation.  I could have made much better decisions, and I’ll remember that for the future.  Now… back on track baby.  The soon-to-be-sessy Jany train is going back on track. :)


UPDATE: My co-worker just posted a link to Lose It.  It’s an iPhone app that helps you keep track of your caloric in-take.  Using you age, height, current weight, goal weight, and speed of weight loss, it calculates how many calories you can eat per day.

You can add calories burned by exercising (even say which type of exercise); food including nutrition and calorie information; and a log of how you’re doing each day.  It’s pretty cool.

I just downloaded it.  We’ll see how it goes for a week, and I’ll find some time to write a formal review.

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If you feel faint, eat a cube of cheese

The title’s a paraphrase of Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada and her terribly unhealthy starvation diet.  I’m sure she’s a trim 110 lbs at the most, and yet she’s lean and ridiculously tall.

I on the other hand, am 5’5.5″ and well… let’s not talk about how much I weigh.  Let’s just say I can practically lose 1/2 an Emily Blunt, and my stomach wouldn’t even bloat from hunger.  But I’ve been exercising.

Okay, I’ve been exercising for 3 days.  Not too great.  But it’s a start.  An hour a day.  I’m planning to exercise 6 days a week until I’m so effing thin that my thighs are no longer the size of a model’s waist.

Maybe it’s my lack of patience, but I feel like 3 hours of exercise and 1200 calories burned should lead to more than just 3/5 of a pound of fat.  (I remember something about 2000 calories = 1 lb of fat.)

I guess I’ve found my own answer.  If I want to lose weight, say… 1 lb every 2 days, I need to exercise to burn 500 calories and then eat 500 calories less daily.  That’s not easy, given that my company caters.

That means that if I want to lose 50lbs, it’ll take 100 days (100 days of no cheating).  So that’s… about 3 months.  And that’s some intense exercising.  I’d also have to make up for not exercising the 7th day, when I’m taking a calligraphy class- w00t!  I love cool pens and nice papers and stationery and stamps and… okay, not going to get side-tracked.

I will attempt to update every week or so… meaning I should love 3-4 lbs every time I write.


In addition to my 1 hour of aerobic exercise, I’ll also need to do some weights, especially on my upper body.  I user to dance ballet, so I have pretty strong legs, but my arms are pretty flimsy.  Sadly, I’m top heavy, so I look kinda lopsided right now.  “I’m working on it.” Promise.

So here’s the plan:

  • Exercise 7 hours a week.  No excuses.  6 hours of aerobic exercise and four 15 min segments of weighs.
  • Eating more fruit (at least 1 serving a day) and veggies.  Bread/corn bread, etc. only 3 times a week.  More wheat.  Lean meat only.  No more stir fried Asian food- at least not from restaurants.  Eat less.  Eat better.  Eat nuts.
  • Drink more water.  No sodas, unless they’re diet.  No random juices (god it’s more sugar than anything… and don’t be fooled; they’re not simple sugars).

Steady wins the race.

See you in a week!

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