I Lost My Pearl Tonight

WARNING: Sappy Post to Follow

It’s not a euphemism.  I literally lost this very pearl tonight.   It didn’t cost very much, but it has special meaning to me.  For once, I paid for something of my very own that I can be proud of and cherish.  The trip to Hawaii is probably one of the last trips I’ll have with my parents for a while.  After all, there’s the whole world of work (the real world) that lies after my glorious two years in MBA.

But as I’m listening to Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas (no. 8 and 9 to be specific, and yes, I’m a nerd), the truth hits me.  It doesn’t matter that I lost the necklace with this pearl.  The memories will still live on (I mean, granted I don’t have Alzheimer’s or anything).  ** Side note. It’s a real issue.  See awesome advert here. End side note**

And it’s not about the watch my parents gave me for graduation or the dilapidated straw tote I still keep around because my dad lined it for me (yeah, my dad’s hella talented).  I will always have my parents and all the adventures we’ve been on with me.  It’s great to contemplate.  Living in Austin, just a few hours drive from home, these two years has really spoiled me.  I’m really going to miss this closeness when I move to New York.  Yet, it’s comforting to know that I’m moving for me and for my career and my passion.  During this, I still get to keep my parents just as close in my thoughts as they are by me now.

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