A New Kind of Life

BTW this apartment exists. Click on the pic for the article. The apartment is a ridiculous 78 sq ft.

It’s the very last semester of MBA, and I’m attempting to squeeze out every last darn drop of my time in Austin before venturing to New York for a full time position.  I’m extremely excited, especially since (outside of this summer) I’ve never lived in Manhattan before.

I’ve already started perusing design blogs to think of ways to decorate my yet non-existent New York apartment.  In my mind, I will turn sidewalk junk into the beautifully reupholstered chairs (that at like $600 retail), add a piece of glass to an old trunk the size of an ottoman for a coffee table, and spend my days staring at pasley wallpaper as I have Bauhaus’ pork belly bao dripping fat down my cheek.

But before I turn this entry into a hispter fantasy, let’s be realistic for a second.  My apartment in Manhattan will be teensy, and as lucky as I was in Oakland to find an apartment with a linen closet that could fit *most* of my 120 pairs of shoes, I’m going to have to get a new technique for the City.  So without further hipster design-pr0n or foodgasms, here’s a list of my New York essentials.  (The likelihood that I’ll actually change this list entirely once I’ve lived there is extremely high. Also, this is probably more of a reminder list to myself than anything.)

1. Space Saver Vacuum Bags: (linkie)

Firstly, I’ve been wanting to get these since my friend told me that she used it for her trip back to China and sneaked homemade Chinese sausage in one of these (the dogs can’t smell it). :)  Secondly, this is a great way to get all my bedding/clothes to New York AND I can use it to store my seasonal clothing and save space in my closet.

2. Shelves (linkie)

I LOVE grid shelves.  If they fit in my future apartment, my shoes will have a home and my home with have some nice decoration.  After all, I hate shoving my shoes in the corner.  The one thing I need to remember though is to stock up on some nice lavender diffusers.

3. New Tide Pods (Linkie)

Unless I add about 3-4 zeros to my salary, the likelihood that my apartment will have a washer/dryer is nil. That being said, I have a similar problem now where my apartment is a third floor walk up and the laundry machines are on the opposite side of the complex.  Last week, I forgot to bring detergent, so that was four trips alone (to the laundry, back to get detergent, put laundry in dryer, and bring home laundry).  So this little pods will be great.  No longer will I have to lug the giant bottle around, and I’m definitely willing to pay up to a 100% price difference.

4. Amazon Prime

Seriously, how do people in New York buy essentials like toilet paper?  I don’t remember ever seeing anyone dragging a 36 roll bundle down the street, but I am assuming that people in New York poop on a regular basis (apologies for the imagery).  So yes to $80 a year for second day shipping and no more buying… wait… $35 for 10-16 rolls of toilet paper? Are you out of your $&%^$ mind?  So maybe I will be having my mommy and daddy ship me a monthly supply.  Friends, bring your own, damn it.

I wonder if I can start a toilet paper trade amongst my friends.  Every month I’ll rent a car and drive down to Wilmington, Delaware to buy out their entire supply of tax-free toilet paper.  Then, my friends and I will split all the fees and after my 20% margin, cheap toilet paper for everyone!!

Okay back on topic.

5. Bed

Since my place will be awfully tiny, I want to either have a bed that makes me fall asleep the instant I curl up in its fluffy warmth.  OR I want a bed that is multi-functional.  The above option seems like a great use of space (as long as the piece stay together and I don’t wake up with my butt touching the floor), and it’ll force me to actually make my bed every day.

On the other hand, I could spring for the most comfortable bed in the world.  We’ll just have to see if my bank account agrees, once I move to New York. :)

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One response to “A New Kind of Life

  1. Pete

    Spacebags! I fricking love those things. All that extra crap that takes up room in the closet … still takes up room but so much less.

    I’ve found the cube ones to be a bit better though, seems to be easier to pack big blankets and stuff into them.

    Oh and the travel ones come in handy too :D

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