Dear Alla Girshman

Let me first say that I have no idea who you are, except that a simple Google search states that you live in Staten Island, NY. If this is in fact the same Alla Girshman, I’m not quite sure.

What I would like to say is: you suck. Either by chance or by maliciousness, you went into an AT&T store and added yourself as an authorized user to my account. You are not. Thankfully, the AT&T alert system informed me of this change, and I was able to remove you from the account. Please know that I will be increasingly vigilant and will be recording all data, in case any formal investigation (either criminal, legal, or otherwise) needs to be filed.

I would also like to thank you. You were the tipping point for me in terms of phone spam. For whatever reason, I have been getting ads on my call phone, both calls and texts, and it’s quite bothersome. Therefore, I’ve decided to start blogging about people (names, numbers, etc.) who are soliciting me and/or breaching my privacy. It’s only fair that those who bother me will get a dose of my small, but fervent “online justice.” Maybe my blog will even appear on the first page of Google results. And you are the person who inspired me to stop lying down and taking it, and to start taking action. So thanks.

I’ll be updating this entry with further information of people/companies who suck. Hopefully, there won’t be any more. :)


Number- 407-492-8021
Message- Your entry last month has WON! Go to and enter your Winning Code: “9776” to claim your FREE $1,000 Bestbuy Giftcard
Note- lame. Thanks but no thanks. Do not spam me.

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2 responses to “Dear Alla Girshman

  1. Wow that’s terrible girl :( At least you caught it quick though.

    • Yeah, hopefully nothing else will come of it. I have no way to prove that I’m the Jany, the real Jany. All the other Janys are just imitating. :)

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