Crazy Awesome – Sleep = MBA

I finally had this weekend to properly rest (at the expense of studying, of course) and reflect on the semester thus far.  I have to say, I’m super proud of my accomplishments.

  • Officially a McCombs MBA Blogger.  I’m one of six in my year of bloggers!
  • Marketing Fellows.  I’m definitely passionate about marketing and the way that successful products and marketing campaigns can change the way that people use products and see themselves.  For that reason, I’m so excited to be invited to join Marketing Fellows.  Marketing Fellows is an organization (group of 20 or so students) who are sponsored by the CCIMS at McCombs. I get to work on a practicum (consulting project in a team for a company led by a McCombs professor), talk with industry experts, and change the marketing curriculum offered at McCombs.
  • I’m the point of contact for the logistic committee of the Women in Business Leadership Conference as part of the Graduate Women in Business group.  It’s the 10th anniversary edition, and we have some great speakers and far exceeded our expectation of attendance and local community involvement.
  • I was chosen to be on the Adobe MBA Plus project.  MBA Plus is special to McCombs, and we can source projects with companies to do all sorts of real-world, hands-on consulting work.  Mums the word on the topic but super stoked to be on an awesome team.
  • I got to attend Reaching Out MBA Conference in LA.  Firstly, I LOVE LA, and secondly, the Conference was spectacular.  ROMBA was intimate, a great chance to actually have conversations with recruiters, and meet some awesome people.
  • Unlike undergrad, my GPA is still above a 3.0, and although I’m super busy with everything else, my priority is focus on classes and work with my professors.
  • So far, this semester, I’ve been in 3 states and will be in at least one other before the end.  Also, next semester I get to go on a Global Connections trip.  It’s a class you take, where you intensely learn about the business, culture, and political influences in a region before visiting the area during spring break.  I can FINALLY say… Argentina, here I come!

All in all, I couldn’t be having a better time.  Sure, I’m a little high on caffeine (learning on to make the perfect chai) at the moment.  Yes, I’m lacking proper rest.  But I’m pleased to be so involved and so hectic.  Knock on wood that the rest of my two years are just as amazing. :)

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