Wishes: We have to come up with a better name

This weekend was the best.  A perfect combination of things to do and relaxation.

I emailed this to OO at some point because I had some down time:

Another foggy night in San francisco. Nicole wished that for once she
could celebrate her birthday on a sunny, non-suicidal day. The
building lights that usually dot the financial district hid today over
a rainy cloud that left water droplets on everything in its vicinity.

“nicole, ven aqui.”
“si abuela.”

A smile blushed on her face at the sound of abuelita diana’s voice.
Her six year old feet carried her down the stairs and into the living



 I’ve decided to write the novel in pieces, as they come to me.  I know that it’s not what OO would want, but he knew I’d make his plotline my own.  Hopefully, he’s happy with the product… although it’s been incredibly difficult for me to write in a Hispanic perspective, when the only thing I know about growing up in a Meixican family is from him and others’ stories.

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